Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nicole Kidman Nose Reshaping Surgery, Boob Job, Lip Augmentation

Of course Nicole Kidman is an awesome beauty with stunning sex appeal. But how this is applicable this on her 40's? The answer is she has under gone several surgical and non-surgical treatments which have always added to her beauty. she will perhaps never be able to hide the fact of her artificial beauty.

In 2007 Nicole Kidman publicly denied that she has ever had a cosmetic procedure:
Kidman tells Marie Claire magazine,“To be honest, I am completely natural, I have nothing in my face or anything,” she says. “I wear sunscreen, and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself. And I’m very proud to say that.“

Nicole Kidman lip augmentation injectionLip Augmentation or Injections

Nevertheless, Nicole has kept herself fit and healthy also by following an exercise regime and keeping full care of what she eats, her diet plans etc. but it will not make your lips bigger and There are no traces that she's above forty year old - absence of wrinkles in her forehead, crow's feet around her eyes, sagging skin and other signs of old age ( It's against the law of nature not having single mark of wrinkle at her age) . It seems she has taken a bath in the fountain of youth that she simply surfaced with a youthful presence.

It's sure Nicole has taken many Botox injections to keep her wrinkle away and due to this excessive use, a "Botox Brow" seems to have appeared on her face. This brow is in fact an arch shaped looking brow on the forehead which could be side effects of constant injection of Botox. It leaves you a sharpen eyebrow arch referred as Botox brow that leaves her an angry facial expression. We could notice Nicole Kidman has barely discernible sagging skin around her jaw line and neck. This seems to be the product of non-surgical facial procedures such as laser skin resurfacing, thermage and other methods rather than a facelift or even a mini facelift.

Nicole kidman nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)Nicole Kidman Nose Reshaping Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Earlier in her career, Kidman had a nose job that transformed her nose to one that is more defined, with a shorter and more retracted tip, and smaller nostrils in the process. The most noted plastic surgery product of Nicole Kidman is her reshaped nose. It resulted to a defined shape as its tip is retracted and shorten with smaller nostrils.

Her recent appearances with more busty indicates that, Nicole Kidman underwent the process of Breast augmentation also. She used to be “boyish” flat chested in her early career which could be clearly seen in the nude scene on a movie "Dead Calm "but later, she appears to be bustier.

Nicole Kidman Boob jobNicole Kidman Boob job (Breast Implants or Augmentation)

Look at the 1st pic (top of this post), you could say Nicole has taken lip injections, as her lips appears to be unnaturally puffier and bigger. Her lips looked larger than normal size and puffed up (comparing those pics, her lips are flat and big than early photo).

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