Friday, May 15, 2009

George Clooney Plastic Surgery, Eye Bag Removal

Did George Clooney have had cosmetic surgery? This is been a secret for all those who wants to know about his stunning Heartthrob look and how he is able to maintain his look so natural.

On February 2007, During an interview for Oprah Winfrey's Oscar Special, George Clooney said julia roberts, ‘I had my eyes done, Can you tell? I think it's important to look awake.' Due to the star’s history of playing jokes with the media, We must not have to take it with complete seriousness. Cause, On August 2008, During an interview for the magazine he stated that he never wants to maintain his youth by having cosmetic surgery. He simply said, "No botox for me." He stated that he dislikes the thinking of having injections on the surgery, he admitted, "I love the fact that my face has more of an edge and more character than it did when I was in my 20s or 30s."

george clooney plastic surgery eye bag removal George Clooney cosmetic surgery (eye bag removal)

The above photo points that Clooney have had an eye bag removal (Blepharoplasty). It seems his eyes are more open cause he has no undereyebags and looks natural. If he had done cosmetic surgery, Clooney has avoided the “surprised” look that can happen in a bad eye lift. Oceans Eleven Star appears to have a had a full blepharoplasty and the lines that emanate from the corner of his eyes appear softer and less pronounced, a likely result of the surgery and possible Botox injections.

It is still a secret, how he's able to maintain youth. You're free to interpret here. Either he have had cosmetic surgery or not, he is surely the sexiest man alive.

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