Sunday, June 8, 2008

Healthy living Increases Life Span

A study shows drinking little alcohol, doing exercise, eating enough fruit and vegetables and not smoking can add up to 14 years to your life.

20,000 people were involved in that research over a decade. It points those who failed on all criteria were four times more likely to have died than those who succeeded.

Old Woman Exercise
Anti Aging Treatments-Old Woman Exercise

Many could increase their life span through simple changes which is likely the conclusion of that study.The research was carried out by the University of Cambridge and the Medical Research Council in the English county of Norfolk between 1993 and 2006.

Participants were aged between 45 and 79. They were socially mixed although overwhelmingly white, and as far as they were aware at the time, did not have cancer or any heart problems.

woman drinking alcohal

Little alcohal add year

"It means a large proportion of the population really could feel health benefits through moderate changes."

Health campaigners welcomed the study. "This is good news and shows that by living a healthy life, people can reduce their risk of dying from heart and circulatory disease," said Judy O'Sullivan of the British Heart Foundation.

Woman smoking

smoking reduces age

"Taking regular exercise , drinking moderate alcohol, not smoking, and taking enough fruits and vegetables, people can improve their chances of living longer."

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