Sunday, June 8, 2008

Little alcohol "Anti Aging Secrets"

Moderate alcohol can be the best recipe for a longer life which cuts the heart disease risk, a European Heart Journal says. The research pointed people who led an active lifestyle were less prone to heart disease, but drinking little alcohol can cut the risk more further.

Too much alcohol is damaging so UK Experts are afraid to encourage public to drink alcohol.

hand holding alcohal

alcohal may be recipe for longer life

12,000 men and women were involved in this research for 20 years, during which 1,242 died from ischaemic heart disease which suggested that who did not drink or take any exercise had the highest risk of heart disease.

"However, drinking too much starts to outweigh the benefits of alcohol intake and can increase your blood pressure".

"Physical activity has shown greater benefits to heart health and overall health in previous research compared to drinking alcohol".


Red wine

Alcohol consumption may decrease the risk of heart disease by increasing the levels of "good" cholesterol and possibly thinning the blood.

"Alcohol is a depressant whereas exercise releases mood-enhancing hormones which can benefit quality of life as well as reduce the risk of death." A unit of alcohol is defined as half a pint of normal strength beer, or a single shot of a spirit. A medium-sized glass of wine is two units.

Woman drinking alcohal

Drink moderate amount of alcohal

Copenhagen's National Institute of Public Health Researcher Professor Morton Gronbaek, from , said: "This study shows that being both physically active and drinking little amount of alcohol is important for lowering the risk of both fatal IHD and death from all causes."

Cardiac nurse, Ellen Mason said, "The combination of little alcohol and exercise is very helpful in reducing the risk of fatal heart disease.

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