Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sharon Osbourne Plastic surgery

‘If you're lucky enough to be able to afford it, if it makes you feel better about yourself, go for it', Sharon Osbourne had explained her interest on plastic surgery.

Sharon Osbourne plastic surgerySharon Osbourne Plastic Surgery

She has had reportedly spent more than £300,000 on surgery. she was like an addict and had said ‘I am very lucky in that I have a good cosmetic surgeon. After losing half my body weight I had flesh hanging everywhere. I had the sort of breasts you normally only ever see in the pages of "National Geographic" magazine. The last thing I had done were my breasts about three months ago. I am a 34DD now and Ozzy loves them'

But in March, 2008, Sharon Osbourne said she regrets that she has had so much plastic surgery and vowed never to go under the knife again. She has had stomach stapling (tummy tuck), gastric band surgery, a boob job (breast enlargements), facelift and liposuction- said: "My body's tired. I've put it through too much, abused it and my body is knackered. I am content with how I look at my age and I'm really scared of ending up looking like those people whose faces are ironed and foreheads don't move. I regret having my breasts done because I'm never happy with them. But the most painful was having my legs lifted. So right now, I''ve really, really had it with surgery."

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