Monday, December 29, 2008

Yoga Poses for Firm Breast (Breast Lift)

Yoga is considered as one of the latest in trimming down the body. Did you ever know that it could be a natural breast enhancement technique? Yes, it could be and it would help if you know the do's and don'ts as well as the asana of yoga.

Yoga Pose for breast lift

Yoga pose

The physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation practices of Yoga have been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, regulate heart rate and even retard the aging process. The exercises of Yoga are designed to put pressure on the Glandular Systems of the body, thereby increasing its efficiency and total health. The five principles of yoga are namely proper relaxation, proper exercise, proper breathing, proper diet and positive thinking and meditation. Each has its different purposes in releasing tension and stress in our body. Yoga has direct impact in breast enhancement in many ways. Many of yoga postures tend to stretch your chest and therefore, open up your shoulders and chest. When you focus the “pull” in your chest, it will strengthen your muscle, help your breast to enlarge and prevent sagging breast, thereby, helps in keeping the breast line attractive.

This means that yoga could be used in your attempt to enlarge your bosom. The following are several forms of yoga asana that can help in breast lift:

This type of asana requires that you stand straight with a relaxed and firm spine. Place your arms at the side while keeping your feet close together. Slowly raise your arms from the side to the front of your bust in the namaskara position, palms together and elbows apart. Raise your right leg until your sole is in touch with your the left knee. Maintain this pose for at least one minute.

This yoga exercise will help gently expand your chest. It is always vital to stand straight but this time stretch your arms at the back of your head. While inhaling, slowly bend your waist while separating the arms. Bend forward while exhaling and move on in the same pace until your fingers reach your toes. A daily 10-minute routine of this asana will help you achieve the breast size you want.


Suryanamaskara Pose

Ardha Matsynenderasana
This could be done in a sitting position with the legs kept together. Bend the right leg in such a way that your heel is placed on the side of your left leg with the ankle touching the left thigh as well. Keep your palms on the floor then twist your body slowly to the right. After placing your left hand on your right foot, turn your face to the right aligned with your right shoulder. The same steps should be done on the other side.


julia said...

I've heard many benifits of yoga but for the firm breast, is it really works???...Thanks for the post....this is really good information about yoga..i want to try this at home.

Sarah said...

Yoga is a great way to tone and firm the whole body not only the breasts. Its health benefits are all inclusive. Once you start you can instantly notice a change in your body, energy and less stress.