Monday, November 3, 2008

Eye Bags, Causes and Tips to Aviod It

Eye bags are caused by fluids which are being trapped in the tissues located under the eyes. Eyes' puffiest moments are upon waking up. This happens because the fluids, while you were sleeping, have settled in the eye area.

eye bags

Eye Bags

Cause of eye-bag formation:

  • Experts say that this usually happens especially to people who have taken too much amount of water or liquid or have eaten salty foods before going to bed. The swelling around the eyes usually diminishes after a few hours when the fluids have been re-absorbed by the body.

  • Aging is another factor for having eye bags. While we age, our skin also ages. Through the years, the skin located around the eyes becomes thinner and thinner. The skin also loses its elasticity therefore causing the underlying fat around the eyes bulges out resulting to what we call eye bags.

  • Most women may also suffer from eye bags especially during their menstrual visits. This is because of the monthly hormonal changes in the body.

  • There are people who still wake up having puffy eyes even though they have had enough hours sleeping overnight. Please consider the fact that it might also be due to allergic reactions. Say for example, you might have eaten something you are allergic from or perhaps, your pillows are not suitable for your skin type.

  • If the swelling around the eyes is similar to round pouches rather than just simple puffiness, consult your physician immediately as it might be a sign of underlying disease, usually connected to a thyroid condition commonly known as Grave's disease. It can also be related to kidney issues.

    Eyes covered with tea bags

Tips to prevent eye bags

Tips to eliminate the appearance of eye bags:

  • Splash cold water on your face as cold water helps in fluid circulation. Also try giving your eyes a gentle circular tapping to loosen the fluids present under your eyes. The trapped fluids around your eyes will then be re-circulated to the rest of your body, minimizing the size of your bags.

  • This next technique has been mostly practiced by people suffering from morning eye puffiness. They put a spoon inside the fridge for some minutes. The cold spoon will then be used to cover the eyes to lessen eye bags.

  • You can also use two tea bags by placing them on your closed eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes. Teas are good for the skin as it helps in tightening the pores and reducing eye bags as well.

  • Drinking ibuprofen during your menstrual period as it is proven to help in reducing fluid retention.
  • If you suspect that your puffy eyes are due to allergic reactions to food and your pillow, you can always take antihistamine pills to ease the condition.

  • Lack of proper rest is one of the most common causes for bags under the eyes. Along with good hydration, give your body the rest you need, try to sleep more. If what you need is rest, no matter how remedies try to remove those bags, the results will not be as visible.

    Eye bag removal george clooney

George Clooney Before and after Eye bag removal


Anonymous said...

Skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate and has very little resilience and hence, when it stretches, it begins to sag. Stubborn eye bags can be removed with the help of cosmetic surgery. Never use heavy eye creams in the delicate region around the eyes and don 't keep them applied for long durations as this results in puffy and swollen eyes.

skinglow muse said...

Reading about how to lessen puffy eyes is always interesting to me. Great stuff!

Unknown said...

how should i know if i am alergic in foods or in pillow ? ..

i have a big circle bags also
and became black :( and it really irritates me..

Unknown said...

I am Crislyn who have a big circle bags .. and it irritates me so much. How should i know if i am allergy to a food i have eaten ? and the pillows iv'e use if i have always eyebags ang i dont know how 2 help it cure :(

Unknown said...

I am Jenn who have a big circle bags .. and it irritates me so much. How should i know if i am allergy to a food i have eaten ? and the pillows iv'e use if i have always eyebags ang i dont know how 2 help it cure :(

Jennifer said...

Hi Jen, Thanks for your question.
Actually there might be many causes of eyebags SINUS, Thyroid or kidney problem, Allergies, Lifestyle, Hormones, Genetics are the most common factors which leads to eye bags.
I suggest you to change your pillow that might be a factor. I couldnot tell exactly what you are allergic with but you can feel that yourself. If you feel your eye bag bigger in the morning then you can make a list of things that you have the day before and avoid that products.
And i want to suggest you to have a enough sound sleep.

stacie28 said...

Today, more and more women and men suffer from eye bags. To get rid of them, many people prefer to have a blepharoplasty procedure. This cosmetic surgery is very effective and safe when it is done by a qualified and professional doctor.