Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Wrinkles are often associated with images of matured women and men who have to tolerate the facial creases that go along with the aging process. But what really are wrinkles and does aging have something to do with it?

Wrinkles refer to the thin, ceased and sagging skin that is quite noticeable on the face, neck and hands. From the looks of it, wrinkles are categorized either as fine surface lines or those deep furrows. Wrinkles usually appear on said parts of the body because these are the regions that constantly get exposed to the sun’s UV rays. The harmful UV rays dry the skin, particularly for people born with a lighter skin tone that easily gets damaged with prolonged exposure to heat. The skin tends to lose moisture whenever our hides get a tantamount of beating from the sun’s heat to result in the formation of wrinkles.

wrinkle appearing

Anti Aging Treatments -wrinkle appearing

While solar heat induces wrinkle formation, there are about a dozen other factors often overlooked, that likewise contributes to this skin disorder. Would you believe that certain hairstyles and even the clothes that we wear could stimulate wrinkle formation? Some hairstyles leave the face and neck directly exposed to the sun. On the other hand, frequent wear of sleeveless tops puts the arms and shoulder in direct contact with the sun’s UV rays.

Going to those tanning salons is a sure way to get wrinkle spots as well. Sporting a tan look definitely has its perks, but frequent tanning will eventually merit you the appearance of visible lines on your face. Smoking is another contributor to wrinkle formation since a nicotine habit deliberately dries the skin. Moreover, stress could be linked to the development of premature wrinkles since recurring stress lets a person habitually contract those facial muscles and the stretches become more visible in time.

Wrinkles however do not just inflict women but also men. Women are by nature more vain than men and thus would easily notice unlikely skin formation. Nevertheless, the media hype put into anti aging skin care has persuaded a number of men to get on the cosmetics bandwagon or (Anti Aging Creams). Does this mean that wrinkle formation is not in any way related to aging?

Wrinkled Woman

Wrinkled Woman

Well, it still is! At the age of 40, it is but normal for wrinkles to appear on the face. Yet, it is sad to know that some people, even at the young age of 25 can already contract wrinkles. To some, it is hereditary and as a matter of genetic configuration, their skin cells do not reproduce as fast as it should. Thus, more dead and dull cells form on the upper layer of the skin that trigger the appearance of thin lines on the corners of the eyes and along the laugh lines of the face. Others simply suffer from hormonal imbalances and constant weight gain or loss sag the skin. When the skin loosens up, wrinkles become evident.

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