Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Spinal Roll or Rocking Exercise

Best yoga to overcome the drowsiness and stiffness that one feels on waking in the morning which makes you feel an invigorating sensation from your vertebrae getting a good massage. It will limber up your spine and keep it in a flexible, youthful condition and is good prescription for insomnia cause it helps in sound sleep whereas It is invaluable for those who are using yoga to dodge old age.

The first day when you do this exercise, you may feel a little clumsy and awkward.cause it feel s like losing balance and falling down. After couple of days you will start enjoying it. At that time you can combine rocking with deep breathing. Inhale while rocking backwards and exhale while returning forward.

The Spinal Roll or Rocking Exercise
The Spinal Roll or Rocking Exercise

First sit down, draw up your knees, and bend your head down. Put your hands under your knees. You can join your hands.

Keeping your spine rounded, gently swing back and forth, imitating the swinging motion of a rocking chair. Don’t straighten your spine as you will roll backward or you will find yourself lying flat on your back, unable to swing forward again. Don't roll back too far on your neck. Don’t try doing the rocking exercise too slowly either. Imagine you are a rocking chair in motion. Feel for the massaging action on your spine.

Straighten your knees just as you swing backward and then immediately bend them again as you swing forward. Don’t pause after you have swung back but simply continue the to-and-fro movement. Otherwise you may get stuck.

Do this exercise five to eight times, then lie down to relax until your breath returns to normal again. Take a few deep breaths while still lying on the floor.

Benefits of Spinal Roll or Rocking Exercise

Beneficial just before sleep

Makes the spine more flexible and youthful.

Massages all the vertebrae in the neck and spine.

Helps to overcome the drowsiness and stiffness that people often feel on waking up
, If done in the morning it.

Relax the whole nervous system and establishes a better connection between the central nervous system and the rest of the body.

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