Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Plough Posture (Halasana)

HalasanaThe Plough Posture
The Plough Posture

Basic but benificial yoga exercise.


Bend both legs over your head until the toes touch the floor behind your head keeping knees straight. Stretch the hands out towards your feet.

Take air slowly and deeply from the abdomen and concentrate on the spine. Remain in this posture for about 1 minute.

Slowly uncurl the spine after you finish. Don't worry if you can't straighten your knees. Your spine will become more flexible and you will eventually be able to straighten your knees after a weeks.

Benefits of The Plough Posture (Halasana)

This exercise stretches the spine as no other exercise can, which makes this posture very beneficial if you suffer from back or neck stiffness or arthritis in these areas and also prevents these conditions. Since this posture rejuvenates the spine, and because the spinal nerves go to all parts of the body, it helps to rejuvenate the whole body.

Benificial for the thyroid gland, liver and spleen, stretches and pulls the vertebrae.

Good for people suffering from stiffness, obesity, muscular rheumatism, enlarged liver and spleen, constipation, indigestion, and arthritis.

Initally be in this position about 5-10 secs. By adding five seconds per week increase the time. Repeat from 2 to 4 times, adding one time every 14 days.

Please be very careful, Do not attempt right away the final stages of this posture If you haven't flexed up with other exercises before, unless you've a naturally very flexible spine. Otherwise, do not try to touch the floor with the toes for a few days also Do not force the toes any lower than the spine will allow comfortably. Otherwise, you will injure the right muscle and the pain may last a few weeks!

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