Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fraxel Laser

The 2nd generation of Fraxel Laser treatment is the first laser which can be used on all skin types, including extremely dark tones and is recent anti aging treatment in the market.

Fraxel laser treatments

Fraxel laser treatments

The Fraxel Laser has several applications and has FDA clearance for the following treatments:

*Skin resurfacing
*Acne scars and surgical scars
*Wrinkles around the eyes
*Age and sun spots
*Brown spots and Mask of pregnancy (Melasma)

It has impressing results, e.g large pores shrink dramatically, wrinkles are reduced, brown spots fade away, and the area treated looks much younger and healthierFraxel Laser results are long lasting so long as the skin receives continued proper care.

Fraxel Laser Effect

Laser Effect

Fraxel Laser treatments are high cost treatments but are a great value for patients seeking to treat the conditions noted above. For patients wanting to look their best and wishing to avoid a surgical face lift or a deep, invasive, ablative requiring a lot of downtime and additional risks, the Fraxel Laser could be the best choice.

Fraxel Laser before and afterFraxel Laser before and after

Lasers are both wondrous tools for beautification and potentially very dangerous if used incorrectly. So if you wish to treat your skin with lasers then you must consult with laser certified specialists. Health and safety must be on the top of priority.

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Julia said...

The main advantage of Fraxel is that this dual laser affects deeper layers of our skin. That's why fraxel is so effective in removing acne scars and many other scars and skin problems.

These pictures are the prove that Fraxel should be considered by all of us even if its price is not very affordable. When I had my first Fraxel Toronto treatment I needed 4 sessions to remove acne scars but now I saw that this treatment can do miracles for other parts of our body like neck or hands....I'm sure I'll have another one very soon but I have to decide what area I'll treat.