Sunday, June 8, 2008

Exercise Advice

Exercise Advice for Anti-aging Program
There are many benifits of exercise which is not only good for the body health, but also for the anti aging skin care and for the brain. I hope exercise advice and tips on this page will hopefully encourage you to start an exercise program.

Aerobic ExerciseAerobic Exercise

Below are some tips to get started with anti-aging exercise program.

Select the one that you enjoy.
It won’t last long if you hate it. so you need to select those exercises that you like to do.

Start slowly.
If you hurry for the exercise in the beginner phase, you'll injure yourself and don’t overdo it. Like, walk for 10 minutes and add a minute or 2 every day. Gradually increase until you get to your goal.

Breathe properly while exercising.
It is important during strength training while many people think they are breathing when in fact, they are holding their breath. Be aware of what is happening with your body.

And speaking of being aware
The saying, "No pain, no gain." isn’t entirely true while exercising STOP if you feel pain. Try again after you’ve allowed your muscles to rest a day. If the pain continues, check with your doctor. You may need a different exercise.

aerobic step
Aerobic Step

Warm up before workout.
Warmup before doing your workout helps to keep you from injuring yourself.

Give 20-30 minutes each day to cardio or aerobic exercise.

Follow cardio exercise with strength training 3 days a week.
It’s important to let your muscles rest for 48 hours in between sessions. Be sure to exercise each muscle group.
  • Legs

  • Hips
  • Abs (these recover quickly so you can exercise them every day).
  • Arms

  1. Cool down with flexibility exercises. Stretch each muscle group that you exercised.

  2. Try some other exercises like Pilates or tai chi.

  3. You can learn martial arts to combine cardio, flexibility and muscle training into one program.

cardio exercise

Cardio Exercise

The best exercise advice is simply to choose something. What you choose isn’t nearly as important as choosing to commit to some form of exercise. Check out any of the anti-aging books that I've pointed.

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