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Anti aging in Ayurveda

In ayurveda anti aging means primarily maintaining a healthy body into old age and slowing down the processes of aging, wear and tear, and degeneration. The aim of Ayurveda anti-aging is to aspire to a healthy aging process, to keep both body and mind functioning at optimal capacity.

Our life expectancy is increasing all the time, and large numbers of people in our society are becoming more aware of health issues. The concept of anti aging is one of interest to many, because simply growing old is not necessarily a blessing on its own.

Herbal face packs

Anti Aging Treatments -Herbal face packs

Becoming more personally responsible for one’s own health and lifestyle, and treating the body more kindly, are already major steps in the right direction. Just incorporating some of the following Ayurveda teachings into everyday life and reducing the intake of harmful luxury foodstuffs will bring huge benefits.

Skin Health: The Ayurvedic Perspective

According to ayurveda, a number of factors determine skincare, and these include proper moisture balance effective functioning of the metabolic mechanisms that coordinate all the various chemical and hormonal reactions of the skin and efficient circulation of blood and nutrients to the different layers of the skin.

The health of the following three types of body tissue are especially reflected in the skin: nutritional fluid, blood and muscle. The nutrient fluid "feeds" all of the body's tissues and helps skincare; blood is associated with liver function and purifies the skin; and muscle provides skin firmness.

Ayurveda skin care HerbsAyurveda skin care Herbs

Waste products of the body tissues are also involved in Skin Care - Premature Aging of Skin. For instance, sweat, the waste-product of fat production, helps to purify and refine the skin.

To be effective, anti-aging cream has to provide support to all of these areas.


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when i read the blog post i was really very happy and i thought to have ayurveda.

it is good.

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*Honey, is a good remedy for dry skin.

*Add half tablespoon of honey to 1-2 tablespoon of rose water. Apply on face, neck, and other dry skin area. This is natural and safe. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes, then wash off with tepid water. Honey moisturises and soothes dry skin, and is gentle enough for daily use. This mixture cleans the skin, tones it, and makes it glowing.

*Egg yolk and honey is another best solutions for dry skin care.
Make a paste using egg yolk (one teaspoon), milk powder (1-2 teaspoon), and honey (one teaspoon). Apply this paste on face, neck and other dry skin area and let it dry for 10-15 minutes then wash your face using cold water.

*Apply natural mayonnaise, either homemade or from natural foods store. Massage into skin, leave on for 15-20 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

*Eating food rich in minerals and proteins and vitamins is very much helpful in overcoming dry skin.
An oil massage is a simple yet well-known remedy to treat dry skin. Adding a few drops of glycerine to the oil just before application will give better result.

*An oil massage is a simple yet well-known remedy to treat dry skin. Adding a few drops of glycerine to the oil just before application will make it more effective.

*Applying clarified butter or milk cream for a couple of days before going to bed is very effective for curing cracked lips.

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In addition to this, getting enough sleep and having a balanced diet helps in slowing down the process of aging.
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